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Oct 14 OPT Re-Powers SWRO Train OPT OPT
May 14 OPT Wins Contract to Save Energy OPT OPT
Oct 13 Modular Pumps Bring Efficiencies MacHarg, Sessions IDA Journal
April 09
April 08
July 07
John P. MacHarg
AMTA Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada
Jun 07 New Pumping and Energy Recovery Technologies John P. MacHarg AWWA Journal
Mar 07 Demineralization of High Salinity Brackish Groundwater Using Seawater Technology Brandon Yallaly, Tom Seacord, Steve Messner AWWA MTC, Tampa, FL
Jun 06 OPT Lowers Energy Consumption of SWRO OPT OPT
Jun 06 Affordable Desalination Collaboration 2005 Tom Seacord, Steven Coker, John P. MacHarg AMTA Conference, Anaheim, CA
May 06 ADC Spreads the Word Various Desalination - Elsevier
Dec 04 West Coast researchers seek to demonstrate SWRO Affordability John P. MacHarg, Randy Truby Desalination and Water Reuse Quarterly
Nov 04 Pressure Exchanger Helps Reduce Energy Costs John P. MacHarg, Stuart A. McClellan AWWA Journal
Nov 02 How to Design and Operate SWRO Systems Built Around a New Pressure Exchanger Device John P. MacHarg, GG Pique Manama, Bahrain 2002
Oct 02 Energy Recovery Technology Opens Doors to New SWRO Plant Designs John P. MacHarg AWWA Conference
Jun 02 Exchanger Test Verify 2.0 kWh/m3 SWRO Energy Use John P. MacHarg Desalination and Water Reuse Quarterly
May 02 Retro-Fitting Existing SWRO Systems with a New Energy Recovery Device John P. MacHarg Euromed, Sharm El Sheikh
Jun 02 SWRO Energy Recovery Technology Shatters Design Barriers John P. MacHarg AMTA Conference, Sanantonio, TX
Nov 01 The Evolution of SWRO Energy Recovery Systems John P. MacHarg Desalination and Water Reuse Quarterly