The benefits of water lubricated axial piston pump technology in desalination applications are numerous including:

∙ Up to 40% energy savings over existing high pressure centrifugal pumps and ERD’s
∙ Easy to install requiring only supply power and four connections
∙ Space and maintenance efficient vertical design
∙ Fail-safe monitoring and control system for easy and safe operation
∙ Integrated control of SWRO process (OPC)
∙ Proprietary monitoring scheme maximizes performance and simplifies troubleshooting
∙ Elimination of hose connections reduces risk and maintenance
∙ Online factory monitoring safe-guards equipment and maximizes performance (optional)
∙ Lower NPSH requirements can help reduce supply energy costs
∙ Modular design makes it easy to add capacity and/or turn down production rate as desired
∙ OPT maintains equipment including spare parts and consumables (optional)
∙ Guaranteed energy savings reduces risk (optional)